The Question

Hi Everyone, I’m doing a creative project for my Material studies course focused around houses and how they reflect and influence a person’s sense of self. Although we hate to admit it, objects are extremely important to us. They remind us of the past, a moment, our identity, and much more. In a culture where common objects are increasingly temporary and disposable, the ones that are really important to us stay that way. Homes, often the largest and most uncontrollable of objects, are perhaps the most loved because they are the closest to human temperament. They require continuous attention, and when left empty, fall into disrepair.

Whether they are apartments, lean-tos, or mini-mansions, homes have the tendency to get away from us.

If you feel comfortable, I’m asking to use photos of either a home in your past (inside and out), or the one you currently live in, and to provide me with a short blurb about your home. How did/does your home make you feel, do you think it represents you? How do we change when we begin somewhere else? You can choose to remain anonymous, or you can provide me with name and age and anything else you would like to add about yourself. pm me or email at In exchange, you get to be part of my super cool project!